How this Bond Issue Different

How is the scope of this project different?

2022 Bond Issue 2024 Bond Issue Additional Information
Core Classrooms 40 Rooms 32 Rooms Teacher share rooms at 90-95% capacity (2029), Reduced 7,402 Sq. Ft.
Common Areas Common spaces such as Administration Offices, Storage, Corridors, etc. reduced by 11,854 sq. ft.
Out Buildings Out Building for each athletic field One centrally located Out Building One Out building will be centrally located in proximity to all outdoor athletic fields. Outdoor locker rooms will be cut from the project. The square footage will go from 10,151 to 5,540 sq. ft. saving 4,611 sq. ft.
CTE Rooms Undecided Programming Clear Programming Plans Academy programs at the new school will host Small Engines, Metals, Mechanics, and Welding in one space and a Health Academy in a second space.  Programming at the current school will be Woods and Drafting and an Education Academy.  
Natatorium Possible Addition No Possible Addition The addition of a Natatorium was a possibility as an add on to the 2022 Bond. It will not be in the proposed project.  
Mechanical  Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) within facility DOAS will be located on the roof   This cuts down on square footage needed inside the facility by 5,005 sq ft, helping lower the overall cost of the project.  
 Elementary Site #7 Elementary Site #7 prepared  Elementary Site #7 Prep Excluded   The 2022 Bond included infrastructure preparations for elementary site #7 on the north part of the location. This is not included in the proposed project.
 Stadium Expansion Included  Excluded The current proposal does not include the High School Stadium expansion. 
 Security Upgrades Ballistic Glass  No Security Upgrades   The District is in the process of writing a grant for the security upgrades proposed in the 2022 Bond


How is the scope of this project the same?

2022 & 2024 Bond Issue Why?
Total Enrollment Capacity 1,00 Expand to 1,500 Enrollment growth dictates having larger capacity in the future
Tennis Courts Six (6) Courts and Lights Conference program started and growth potential
Auditorium 800 Seats, Dressing Rooms, Scene Shop Fairness between buildings
Parking Lot 1,000 Stalls Ensuring Enough Parking for Current and Future
Athletic Fields Baseball, Softball, Lower Level Football, Soccer and Track - Band Ensuring Consistency Between Schools


How is the cost different?

2022 Bond Issue 2024 Bond Issue Savings Additional Information
Cost per square foot $414.57 $394.37 $5,100,500 Update of Estimates
Total square footage 281,372 252,500 $11,969,465 Reduced Classrooms
Reduced Mechanical Space
Reduced Commons Areas/Athletics
Reduced Outbuildings
Technology/Furniture $9,204,068 $8,288,180 $915,888
Architect/Engineer Fees $7,192,655 $6,185,475 $1,007,180
Public Infrastructure $8,919,985 $7,909,765 $1,010,220 Reduced Internal Roadways
Reduced Utility Construction
Jurisdictional/Utilities $2,104,105 $2,291,502 ($187,397) Increased Fees Since 2022
General Expenses $899,044 $779,548 $119,496
Reduced Contingency $5,832,457 $3,485,241 $2,347,216 5.0% to 3.5%
Total $150,801,457 $128,518,118 $22,283,339 14.78% Reduction in Cost


How is this bond issue different?

2022 Bond Issue 2024 Bond Issue Additional Information
Total Levy Impact 10 cents 4.9 cents 51% Reduction
$400,000 Home Cost $33.33 per month $16.33 per month
Valuation Assumptions 11% for Five Years
8% for Five Years
5% for Remaining
9% for Five Years
7% for Five Years
5% for Remaining
5 Year Average - 14.30%
10 Year Average - 12.05%
15 Year Average - 10.11%
Length of the Bond 25 Years 22 Years Saves on Interest Payments
Estimated Interest % 3.5% 4.42% Estimate until actual bond sales
Bond Underwriting Firm Piper-Sandler DA Davidson
Bond Underwriting Fee 7.5% Per $1,000 6.75% Per $1,000 Average for DA rate
Years Before Principal 10-12 Years 3-5 Years Taking Place to Even Out Payments
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