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Return to Learn Plan


To All Bennington Public Schools’ Students and Families:

The District would like to share a copy of its Return to Learn Plan with all families of students attending Bennington Public Schools (see attached or website). This document has been developed utilizing the latest guidance from the CDC, UNMC and local and state government and health officials. The Return to Learn Plan was written in collaboration with many district employees over the past several weeks specifically designed to meet the needs of students, staff and families of Bennington Public Schools. The plan has been reviewed, with input incorporated into the document, by parents, community leaders and health professionals.

As stated on the front page of the document; the purpose of this blueprint is to provide a framework for how Bennington Public Schools will respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the educational program within our school district during the 2020-2021 school year. The framework is structured using components and tiers in order to allow the district to be flexible and responsive to changing public health circumstances. The presence of a formal document will also support the district in articulating its plan for the fall in a clear, comprehensive, and transparent manner.

The document is intended to provide guidance to students, staff, parents and community members about the District’s safety and educational protocols that will align with the four different levels of risk, or tiers, as determined by the Douglas County Health Department. The District has developed several components ranging from governance to vulnerable populations. Each component will have different protocols for the four different levels of risk. Some of the protocols have a link added to the language that will direct the reader to an additional document or website.

We believe providing a safe learning and working environment is a top priority for all stakeholders. Please take the time to read the full document before students return to school on August 12th. Make sure to open links and read about each of the 15 different components of the District’s plan to have students return to school. Some key components of this plan include; 1) all staff will be required to wear face coverings when working with students and other employees, 2) all students will be asked to wear face coverings whenever social distancing is not feasible and as much as possible in the classroom, and 3) equipment sanitization and personal hygiene (i.e. washing of hands) will be frequently practiced by students and staff. We have learned, the more we practice social distancing, personal hygiene and equipment sanitization, the greater chance we have of maintaining in-person education.

The District has recorded a brief presentation for your review in order to help students and families better understand and navigate the Return to Learn Plan. The video can be found as a link on our District website.

As we’ve learned these past few months, many things can change quickly. That being said, this document will remain fluid and may change as the year progresses as we incorporate the latest guidance and requirements from state and local officials. Please do not hesitate to contact an administrator if you have questions or concerns about this plan.

We understand that the last few months have been extremely challenging for many of our students and families. The upcoming year will also be full of unknowns and obstacles to overcome. We need to support each other. We can make 2020-21 a wonderful experience for our students, staff and families if we all work together to maximum learning in a safe environment.


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Return to Learn Plan



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