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Face Covering Guidance


To All Bennington Public Schools’ Students and Families:

We want to notify all students and families that Bennington Public Schools (BPS) will follow the guidance of the Douglas County Health Department regarding the wearing of a face covering in public facilities as a requirement for both students and employees if, as reported, such a mandate is issued for the City of Omaha within Douglas County. Our Return to Learn Plan, published on July 15th stated that all BPS employees would be required to wear a face covering. The plan also recommended students wear face coverings when working with others when appropriate and when social distancing was not feasible.

When face coverings are required by local health officials, we will adjust our plan to require face coverings by students in school with stagnation/social distancing breaks built into the day. The District will implement plans in all facilities whereby equipment sanitization and personal hygiene (i.e. washing of hands) will be frequently practiced by students and staff. Research states the more we practice social distancing, personal hygiene and equipment sanitization, the greater chance we have of maintaining in-person education. We also believe in-person education provides students with the most opportunities to achieve academic success.

Bennington Public Schools (BPS) plans to offer remote learning to any student and/or family that requests to have their children educated at home or outside of a school facility, regardless of the need for medical accommodations. This is a change from earlier information provided by the District. We will publish details for our remote learning plan which includes synchronous (i.e. live, scheduled) instruction, curriculum offerings, and in-home requirements on Monday, July 27th. The remote learning plan for BPS will utilize synchronous instruction which will occur during normal classroom hours for all essential curriculum classes in all three levels of education (i.e. elementary, middle and high school). Please look for more information regarding this remote learning opportunity and registration on Monday.

Please know there is a difference between Homeschooling and Remote Learning. The District is responsible for educating students who reside within our school boundaries that attend our schools. This is true for in-person or remote learning plans. A parent/guardian may file paperwork with the State of Nebraska and take on the responsibility to educate their children under rules and regulations for homeschooling. Any resident of Bennington Public Schools has the option to register their child for in-person, remote learning, homeschooling, or private school education.

As all of us have witnessed during this Pandemic, recommendations and best practices can change quickly. This is true for federal, state and local officials as well. We did state the District would watch closely the Douglas County Health Dial as a metric to determine what tier of education we would use as our education guide. It should be noted, this will not be the only measure the district uses to adjust educational plans. Please keep in mind the Return to Learn Plan will remain a fluid document and may change as the year progresses to allow for the incorporation of the latest guidance and requirements from state and local officials.


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Notice of Non-Discrimination Bennington Public Schools
Students, their families and potential employees of the Bennington Public Schools are hereby notified that the Bennington Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, color, religion, veteran status, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, or other protected status in employment, career or technical programs and activities as set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations. Any persons having inquiries concerning Bennington Public Schools compliance with Title II, Title IV, Title VI, Title IX, ADA and/or Section 504 may contact:

Dr. Terry L. Haack, Superintendent · 11620 North 156th Street · Bennington, NE · Phone: (402) ­ 238­-3044
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