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Elementary Gym Procedures

Bennington Public Schools Facility Use Guidelines-Elementary Specific 

*In order to keep the Bennington gyms open please adhere to the following guidelines:


- Practices will be available beginning January 25th. 


- Practices will begin promptly and end promptly. Only one team can practice during a time slot. Three-time slots are available for gym use Monday through Friday: 1.) 5:00-6:00 2.) 6:30-7:30 3.) 8:00-9:00 


- In season sports will receive first priority when scheduling teams.


- Out of season sports will be given priority on Saturdays. 


- No Sunday practice times are available at this time. 


- 30 minutes between practices have been incorporated into the gym schedules to follow proper social distancing practices. Please do not extend your practice time for these 30 minutes. 


- Failure to observe this time requirement could result in forfeiture of your practice time. 


- Coaches and players only during this practice time. Parents are asked to drop off and pick up from practice. 


- Coaches and players are required to wear a mask during practice at all times.


- Elementary schools have lunch tables set up in the gyms for lunch use. Please DO NOT move the lunch tables for any reason. A half-court is available to use for practice only. Again please do not move the tables. 


- You need to bring in your own equipment: basketballs, volleyballs, etc. Basketball hoop adjusters will be available to higher or lower the basketball hoops if needed. 


- All patrons are expected to bring their own water bottles. Bottle fillers may be available; however, water fountains should not be used at this time. Please stay within the designated gym area only. 


Thank you for your cooperation and continued support, 


Elementary Gym Coordinators 


Please register here to request gym time:



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Student Services

Notice of Non-Discrimination Bennington Public Schools
Students, their families and potential employees of the Bennington Public Schools are hereby notified that the Bennington Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, color, religion, veteran status, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, or other protected status in employment, career or technical programs and activities as set forth in compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations. Any persons having inquiries concerning Bennington Public Schools compliance with Title II, Title IV, Title VI, Title IX, ADA and/or Section 504 may contact:

Dr. Terry L. Haack, Superintendent · 11620 North 156th Street · Bennington, NE · Phone: (402) ­ 238­-3044
Bennington Elementary · 11620 North 156th Street · PO Box 309 · 402­-238­-2690 · fax 402­-238­-2185
Bennington High School · 16610 Bennington Road · PO Box 309 · 402­-238­-2447 · fax 402­-238­-2950
Bennington Middle School · 11201 N. 168th Street ·PO Box 309 · 402­-238­-3082 · fax 402­-916­-5823
Anchor Pointe Elementary · 17007 HWS Cleveland Boulevard · PO Box 309 · 402­-238­-2166 · fax 402­-885­-8604
Pine Creek Elementary · 7801 N HWS Cleveland Blvd. · PO Box 309 · 402­-238­-2372 · fax 402­-238­-2416
Heritage Elementary · 9950 Rosewater Parkway · PO Box 309 · 402­-238­-2095 · fax 402­-238­-3351
District Office · 11620 North 156th Street · PO Box 309 · 402­-238­-3044 · 402­-238­-2185